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How do machines communicate with each other quickly and securely? What infrastructure is required for a fully networked ship? How do I use augmented reality in agriculture? Answers to these and many other questions about the networking of mobile devices will be provided by CMM (Connected mobile Machines & Mobility) on December 1 and 2, 2020 in the Convention Center at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds. The international congress trade fair provides information on components and communication systems that are required for the development of mobile machines and vehicles.

“We are at the beginning of a new era of mobile machines and autonomous vehicles. Ever more powerful networks, increasing speeds and shorter latency periods offer endless opportunities and create completely new business processes. At CMM, the focus is on all the technologies that make this step into the future possible”.
Dr. Andreas Gruchow, Member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Messe AG

In around 100 lectures, discussion rounds, interviews and pitches, as well as in the accompanying exhibition section, CMM will discuss and present technologies and services that make mobile machines and vehicles intelligent or autonomous. The focus is not only on their wireless networking, but also on their connection to stationary infrastructures. Topics include automation, production control, security, artificial intelligence, 5G, video surveillance and embedded systems.

The CMM shows the respective challenges of different industries and presents practical examples. Further program items are legal framework conditions, data and system security, interoperability of networks and systems, and the development of new business models.

For Deutsche Messe as the organizer of the CMM, the topic of networked mobility plays a prominent role. One of the world’s first and largest exhibition centers with a nationwide, private 5G infrastructure is currently being built in Hanover. Deutsche Messe is thus gradually developing the 100-hectare exhibition center into a highly innovative multifunctional campus that will be available 365 days a year as a test site for 5G real-time use cases.

Launched as 5G CMM Expo

5G CMM Expo has been launched in 2019 as Deutsche Messe AG’s (DMAG) new congress and exhibition format and is set to complete the company’s 5G offensive: Already in October 2019, the first congress on this topic was held in Hannover. The 5G CMM Expo presented the whole range of applications of the 5G standard by means of tangible use cases for all networked mobile machines in the public sector, in different economic sectors as well as for the end user.

The exhibitors showed hardware, software and services as building blocks of solutions and systems in the areas of cloud, mobile platforms, system integration, application software and IT security technology, communication technology, automation technology for mobile machines or embedded systems for mobile applications. On the visitor side, the 5G CMM Expo is aimed at technical and corporate managers from a wide range of industries – from the automotive and supplier industry, logistics, smart city, energy industry, building automation, security technology and agricultural machinery industry to e-commerce, healthcare, food industry, construction machinery, textile industry as well as chemicals and pharmaceuticals. They all have in common that they see new opportunities and potential in 5G for their fields of application.

“With the Smart Venue project and the 5G CMM Expo, we at Deutsche Messe are taking on the role of an accelerator for 5G technology and becoming an enabler of the digital transformation of business and the public sector”.
Speaker of the Board of Management Dr. Jochen Köckler

Main topics of the CMM Expo

According to the objective, visitors of the 5G CMM EXPO & Conference will have the chance to get answers to all questions of communication technology (especially 5G including the now possible campus networks) in the plenum in the morning (horizontal), supplemented by in-depth technical presentations in the afternoon (vertical), which, among other things, address concrete applications and all aspects of design and development of mobile machines, systems and devices.

Partner of the CMM Expo

The ideal sponsor of the CMM is the VDMA’s Electrical Automation Association. Another partner is, among others, the 5G-ACIA (Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation). Hartmut Rauen, Deputy General Manager of the VDMA: “The networking of vehicles is a highly innovative and economically very important topic. The global market volume for mobile machines is 220 billion euros annually. Their innovative power is increasingly being channelled into vehicle networking. We have leading suppliers and leading users on our doorstep and it must be our ambition to establish the leading trade fair for Connected mobile Machines & Mobility. Hanover as a trade fair location offers us the best conditions for this. Because innovation in the networking of mobile machines also requires the networking of people. The CMM serves as a gravitational center and showcase for this”.

The CMM is aimed at technical and corporate managers as well as developers and researchers from various sectors – from the automotive industry, aerospace, shipping and logistics, through mechanical engineering and plant construction of mobile systems and agriculture, to health care, trade, supply and disposal.

The conferences and the exhibition part of CMM are planned as on-site events in the Convention Center. Due to possible restrictions and travel restrictions, parts of the event can also be held digitally via video transmission.

The CMM Expo will take place in Hannover from December 1 to 2, 2020.

Here you can find more information about the new CMM Expo for visitors and exhibitors.



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