Frank Jablonski

My biggest mistake? I’m falling in love with my own innovation ideas too quickly 😉

Frank Jablonski works as a freelance journalist and author. Recent focus areas include digitization, Industry 4.0 and blockchain in industry sectors like process industries or metal working. With his agency mylk+honey – verbindende kommunykation he is involved in a wide variety of b2b customer projects today: from business development and branding to digital projects to videos and social media campaigns, he supports industrial companies from the first concept to detailed implementation.

In these roles, the 50 year old graduate engineer specialized in chemical engineering also contributes, as from various managerial positions, most recently as editor-in-chief of the industry title MM MaschinenMarkt.

For more information pls visit LinkedIN profile or mylk+honey.

Articles by the author

  • Tote Bäume

Autonomous drones to monitor forests

In the 5G model project, autonomously flying drones identify potential fire sources in the forests of the Görlitz district. ( Image: The German forest is dying. In order to prevent this consequence of climate change from causing further catastrophes,

  • © IT Center RWTH Aachen Die Verbindung der 5G-Teilnetze und Antennen mit dem 5G-Core erfolgt mit Glasfasern, welche zentral im Patchpanel am IT Center zusammenlaufen.

Expansion of the 5G Industry Campus Europe

The connection between the 5G sub-networks and antennas and the 5G core is made with optical fibers, which converge centrally in the patch panel at the IT center. (Image: IT Center RWTH Aachen University) The development of the 5G research