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With its open, software-defined platform NI helps users to be more productive and innovative, and helps them develop powerful automated measurement and automated test systems.

Where there is a challenge, there is a solution.

National Instruments products help solve technical challenges in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, energy, and many other market sectors. Wireless is another industry in which NI is active. From environmental monitoring to medical care, wireless technologies are helping to overcome traditional boundaries in power and infrastructure.

In addition to the articles published on (english coming soon), we also offer these white papers with additional information:

Engineer’s Guide to 5G Semiconductor Test: Testing ICs for 5G broadband devices is complex. The Engineer’s Guide to 5G Semiconductor Test is designed to make this task easier for you. The color illustrated guide is a must for anyone concerned with the time, cost and quality factors of IC testing for Sub-6GHz and mmWave devices. It gives recommendations on test procedures and tips on how to avoid common errors. The following topics are covered:
– Using wide OFDM waveforms for 5G downlink and uplink
– Configuration of broadband test beds for comprehensive frequency coverage
– Avoidance of frequent sources of error in 5G beamforming
– Reduced execution times of over-the-air TX/RX test procedures
– Alternatives to RF chambers for series production of mmWave RFICs
read the (german) whitepaper

5G New Radio: Introduction to the Physical Layer: 5G New Radio promises enhanced mobile broadband services to more users, ultra-reliable communications with lower latency for mission-critical operations, and the ability to deploy a larger number of connected devices per area. In this white paper featuring 28 color diagrams, learn about the recently specified New Radio physical layer implementation that makes the 5G future possible, including the waveforms, numerology, mmWave operation and Multiuser MIMO, and the concept of bandwidth parts for more efficient spectrum utilization.
read the (german) whitepaper


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